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Salam, my name is Peyman and I’m going to be your guide in Iran.
If it’s your first time, I can suggest and recommend an itinerary to make your stay most memorable.
If you start your trip from Tehran, I can pick you up from the airport or arrange a pick-up service to the city centre.After few days in the capital of Iran, I suggest you make your way south to Kashan, stop en route in the city of Qom to visit the Holy Shrine of Fatima. Once in Kashan, you will be blown away by the city’s beautiful traditional architecture.
After visiting this little magical city, you continue further south to Esfahan, located in the heart of Iran. To have a break and stretch your legs during a long ride (a good 5 hours from Kashan), you can visit a picturesque mountain village of Abyaneh. Once in Esfahan, you will find yourself literally in the heart of Iranian art and architecture.
Anywhere you go and look you will see a masterpiece and spectacular monuments, mosques, churches and gardens.
I know, you will probably want to stay longer in Esfahan, but there are also great places awaiting, so we better pack and continue the journey. The next stop I suggest is Yazd, a fairy tale town that would make the image of Aladdin jumping from a rooftop to another come to life. In the vicinity of this UNESCO-listed town, there are numerous villages, such as Ardakan or Taft to experience and enjoy the real Iranian traditions.
And finally, talking about the real authentic Persian history and ancient stories, continue on to Shiraz and Persepolis, one of the ancient capitals of the Persian Empire.
Shiraz is a must see, just like Esfahan, when you decide to travel to Iran. The city is famous for its historical gardens, being known also as the city of poetry, love and the most hospitable people of Iran. Walking around the old town of Shiraz, you will notice that the architecture of monuments and mosques suddenly change to very bright and colourful, compared to other cities.
Shiraz is also known for its yummy fast-food and traditional dishes that you can’t and probably should not miss.
Of course, that was just a summary must-see places in Iran, but if you have more time and want to keep exploring the country, I can always recommend more cities and places to visit, Kurdistan province in the west for example, or going south to explore the beaches and the islands, Hormuz or Qeshm for example, of the Persian Gulf.


You can always contact me and I can prepare a personal and unique itinerary for you. If you have more questions, you can always send me an e-mail and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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