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Persepolis Tour

The tour usually starts in the morning, some time between 7 and 10 am, depending on your preference. We will collect you from your hotel in Shiraz and together we will drive to Marvdasht, circa 52km away. En route, we will listen to some Persian music to help you relax, while enjoying the scenery along the way. It is a pleasant 50-minute drive from Shiraz past the landscape of rugged mountains and rustic farms.

If you haven’t had breakfast, let us know, and we can stop for some snacks and drinks. The region is famous for its orchards and farms and we can also buy fresh locally produced fruit for your morning meal.

Welcome to Persepolis! Construction of this Achaemenid ceremonial capital and architectural masterpiece of the Persian Empire, began in 518 BCE at the order of Darius the Great, whose successors had over time expanded the site and contributed to its splendour.

Necropolis (Naqsh-e Rostam) Tour

Necropolis, or Naqsh-e Rostam as the site is known in Persian, is only a short distance away from the glorious Persepolis and is usually visited as part of the same one-day tour. This spectacular ancient site contains four tombs carved high up into the rock behind a cross-shaped entrance. Each tomb was originally meant to house the remains of an Achaemenid king.

Here at Naqsh-e Rostam you can also marvel at the splendid Kaba-ye Zartosht (Zoroaster’s shrine), Achaemenid tower built in the 5th century BCE.

Pasargadae Tour

I’m off to Pasargadae. There I am friend with the king” (Brazilian poet Manuel Bandeira, 1930)

Pasargadae was once surrounded by marvellous and leafy gardens, so special that the site was both inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage for its historical significance and as one of the earliest examples of the ancient Persian garden layout. The site lies approx. 136km from Shiraz and we do recommend an early start for this two-hour journey.

Qalat Village and Pink Lake Tour

Experience the nature – from green to pink

Enjoy local hospitality after refreshing hiking in the village of Qalat and conclude the day by the shores of the pink lake

After an early start and hearty breakfast, we leave Shiraz in the direction of the picturesque village of Qalat (pronounced Ghalat in Persian) approx. 40km northwest of the city.

One-hour drive away, Qalat lies at the altitude of 2,065m at the foothills of the mountains and offers enjoyable light hiking opportunities. The village is much liked for its fresh air and beautiful scenery. We will hike along the riverbed up to the cool waterfall.

After the hike we will enjoy a homemade lunch with a local family in a typical Iranian house where you will have an authentic and delicious meal and will have an opportunity to see and learn about Iranian lifestyle.

We will then continue to the pink lake Maharloo, southeast of Shiraz. Be prepared to be surprised by the contrast of the pink-colour water of the lake against the intense white salty surface!