Persepolis Tour


We will start the tour in the morning, anytime between 7 and 10 a.m. depending on your preference. You’ll be collected from your accommodation in Shiraz and together we’ll drive to Marvdasht town, listening to Persian music while you relax and enjoy the views along the way. It’s a 50-minute drive through a landscape of rugged mountains and rustic farms.

If you haven’t had breakfast, let us know, and we can stop along the way to buy snacks and drinks. Because it’s such a rich region with many orchards and farms, we can also buy fresh locally produced fruit for your morning meal.

Welcome to Persepolis
The richest city under the sun!
Remotely located in the mountains and hard to reach in ancient times, Persepolis, the ceremonial capital and masterpiece of the Persian Empire, is now only a pleasant drive away from the vibrant and historic city of Shiraz. Construction of this new capital began in 518 BC at the order of Darius the Great, and his successors added to its riches and splendor over the years.

Our advice for an enjoyable visit:

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